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S Tyneside

Marsden Lime Kilns





Lime Kiln

Early Modern



A large nineteenth century range of industrial kilns, basically of two types. Seven complete and one semi-complete kilns are housed within a massive stone battery, having a total of 15 draw arches, each arch having 2 or 3 eyes. To the south of the range stand two detached circular sectioned brick built kilns wrapped about with iron bands. In front of the kilns stands the remains of a brick and concrete loading platform dating from the 1950s from which the lime was loaded into trucks on the railway which ran below. Limestone came from Marsden Quarries to the west of the site, coal from Whitburn Colliery (1874 - 1968). The kilns are probably of similar dates. Lime was taken away on the adjacent railway built in the 1870s by the Harton Coal Co., and extensively rebuilt in 1926. Both the kilns and the colliery closed in the 1960s but stone is still worked in the nearby quarry. A recording programme was completed and a programme of conservation works drawn up by 2002. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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