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Tyne and Wear HER(13352): North Shields/South Shields, ferry - Details

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N Tyneside

North Shields/South Shields, ferry

North Shields



Sea Terminal

Ferry Terminal


Documentary Evidence

Small rowing boats ferried passengers across the River Tyne from at least the 14th century. The boats were known as 'comfortables'! Steam ships known as 'penny ferries' operated the route in the 1830s. From 1847 the 'Ha' penny dodger'. Since then there have been a variety of boats, including the 'Iris'. Until the Tyne Tunnel was completed in 1967 the ferry was the only way to cross the river here, otherwise there was a long journey via Newcastle. The 'Collingwood' worked until the 1950s. The River Tyne was frozen in 1963 but the ferry still managed to sail. 'Tynemouth' was in service for 1968 until 1968. The last vehicular ferry was 'Northumbrian'. The present ferry is the 'Pride of the Tyne'.




North Tyneside Council and Nexus, North Shields Heritage Trail, board 1 'Our harvest is from the deep';

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