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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Spanish Battery





Coastal Battery

Post Medieval



This title includes all post-Dissolution defences outside Tynemouth Castle. In Period 1, 1545, it comprised an outwork in front of the gate-house, a battery on the low promontory to the south of the castle, and walls connecting the new battery with the priory". In Period 2, 1643, the fortifications were repaired -"low stone walls, which formed the Spanish battery, were raised by the addition of a brick superstructure furnishing casemates for guns". In 1705-7 it is recorded that in fromt of the castle lay a regular hornwork with a 12 feet wide ditch, an old decayed fort (Spanish Battery) and nearby Spanish batteries to the east and west. In Period 3, in the 18th century, the plan of the fort appears to have been changed. It had been mostly destroyed by the mid-19th century, however. Later it was refortified with a modern coastal battery, but cleared again in the 1960s.




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