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Newcastle, Franciscan Friary



Religious Ritual and Funerary


Franciscan Friary



Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference is in 1225/6 during the reign of Henry III, when the king granted the friary a conduit from their well; in 1237 he gave them timber for the construction of their dormitory. The precint lay on the east side of the north end of Pilgrim Street, and was bounded to the north by High Friar Street and Lane, to the west by the Nuns, and to the south by houses on the north side of High Bridge. A single reference suggests the church lay along the south side of High Friar Lane, and hence that there was a south cloister, but nothing else is known of the buildings. The friary was dissolved in 1539, at which time it accommodated a prior, 8 priests and 2 novices.




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