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An inside View of the Monastery of Blackfriars in Newcastle upon Tyne



Newcastle, Dominican Friary (Blackfriars)



Religious Ritual and Funerary


Dominican Friary



Extant Building

The first reference to the friary dates from 1239. Their precint was acquired piecemeal, and came to extend east-west from Low Friar St to beyond Corporation St, and north-south from Morden Tower to the town wall. The gatehouse was probably in Low Friar Lane. Its buildings included a church (with 6-7 bay aisled nave), 90 foot square south cloister with lean-to walks, an East range (sacristy, slype, chapter house, ? Warming house and dormitory above), a South range (daystair, slype, refectory, slype, ? Kitchen), and a West range (external lavatorium, guesthall, slype). The buildings were largely of one period, with a few minor alterations. It was surrendered in 1539 by the prior and 12 friars. The church, sacristy, east half of chapter house and cloister were then demolished, and exist today only as foundations. The remaining buildings were bought by the town, and adapted in the 16th -17th centuries and 20th century for other uses. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND LISTED GRADE 1




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