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Newcastle town wall, Riverside Tower




Town Defences

Town Wall



Demolished Building

An early 15th century addition at the point where the town wall reached the Tyne, and of one build with the short stretch of wall along the river's edge (HER REF. 1508) The tower was rectangular in plan, measured 6.54 metres N-S x 6 metres E-W externally, and had S, E and W walls up to 1.10 metres thick, a N wall only 0.74 metres. After the Civil War, in the late 17th and 18th century, it was the meeting place first of the Housecarpenters Company (to 1713), and then of the Company of Sailmakers. Only part of it remained in 1789, and the north and east walls had probably disappeared by 1835. Its south wall was rebuilt to incorporate part of a timber landing stage and survived until 1867. As far as is known it survives as excavated, beneath the Copthorne Hotel. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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