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Tyne and Wear HER(1516): Newcastle town wall, Denton or Neville Tower - Details

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Denton or Nevil Tower, Newcastle upon Tyne



Newcastle town wall, Denton or Neville Tower




Town Defences

Town Wall



Documentary Evidence

Sited c. 10 yards west of the western re-entrant, this tower was of the normal semi-circular plan, with rib-vaulted chamber, 19 feet x 10 feet. The re-entrant presumably dates from c. 1311, the date of the decision to re-direct the wall, so this tower could have been built either side of 1300. In 1711 the Company of Wallers, Bricklayers and Plasterers removed the tower's ruined parapet, and built over the vault "a capacious apartment of brick". The Company then left the White Friars Tower and moved in here, adding a platform and steps in 1732. They apparently continued to meet here until the tower was demolished in 1849.




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