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Tyne and Wear HER(1523): Newcastle town wall, Gunner Tower - Details

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Gunner Tower, Slaters Hall, Town Wall, Newcastle



Newcastle town wall, Gunner Tower




Town Defences

Town Wall



Extant Building

The site of this semi-circular tower, of the usual pattern, still survives rather oddly on the south side of Pink Lane, the intra-mural road. It was not sited at the point where the wall changed direction, perhaps because this would have brought it too close to Pink Tower. In 1821 it was leased to the Company of Slaters and Tylers who converted it into a meeting hall, which is perhaps why it survived the wholesale destruction of the 1840s. After a succession of tenants from c. 1850s the Corporation demolished the tower in 1885. Excavation in 1964 showed that the visible semi-circular wall is a 19th century reconstruction, and that while the founds of the town wall survived the south-west wall of the tower was just damaged fragmentary footings. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND LISTED GRADE 1




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