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New Gate, Newcastle



Newcastle town wall, New Gate




Town Defences

Town Wall



Demolished Building

New Gate, the largest of the gates on the wall, gave access from the town to the north and north-west. It consisted of a three storey tower flat on the back, and with projecting octagonal corner towers on the front. Beneath was a rib- vaulted passage, flanked by guardrooms and protected by a portcullis. A barbican was added on the north side (as also at the West Gate), probably in the 14th century. Edward III's arms (England quartered with France, fleur de lis semee) on the front of the barbican, suggest that this structure was added after 1340, though others have quoted a document of 1390, referring to "novam portam", as indicating a later date. From 1399, when Newcastle became a county of itself, until 1822 the gate was used as a gaol. It was finally demolished in 1823.




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