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Tyne and Wear HER(1560): Newcastle town wall, Pandon Gate - Details

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Pandon Gate, Newcastle upon Tyne



Newcastle town wall, Pandon Gate




Town Defences

Town Wall



Demolished Building

Pandon Gate was situate in the bed of the deep gorge through which Pandon- dean runs to the Tyne. It was one of the lesser gates, perhaps like Sand Gate, had a single archway for traffic, and was defended with folding iron gates but had no portcullis. In the early 17th century until 1648, the gate was used as the meeting hall of the Company of Barber Surgeons. In 1639 it was put it into a defensive state. Most of the gate was demolished in 1795, but the west abutment was still standing when City Road was under construction – this may still be under the road.




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