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Tyne and Wear HER(17581): Ouseburn, Ford Street, Maling Pottery packing house - Details

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Ouseburn, Ford Street, Maling Pottery packing house




Packing House

Early Modern


Demolished Building

A packinghouse was built by Maling on the opposite side of Ford Street to the Ford A Pottery (HER 4968). The packinghouse was described as "an additional range of warehouses, five storeys in height, the upper floors of which have been devoted to the commendable purpose of a school for the children of the workmen". A tunnel was built between the two. Tyne and Wear Archives holds a plan dated 15th September 1868 which shows the proposed new warehouse and the tunnel. The packinghouse is shown on the Ordnance Survey second edition of 1898. The packing house was demolished by 1936 when a carriage works (HER 17582) was built.




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