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Ryton, Stephen's Hall






Post Medieval


Extant Building

Stephen's Hall and its range of buildings date from the early 17th century. It has two storeys with projecting wings on the north side, flanking a courtyard. The building is built of sandstone rubble with ashlar sills and dressings. The building was surveyed by the Traditional Architecture Group in 1996 prior to its redevelopment. The remains of a 17th century spice cupboard were found at that time, as well as a rare wall painting which was conserved. On the north side interesting portions of the old hall remain. There is an arch over which is the inscription "DUM SPIRO SPERO" (whilst I breathe, I hope). On two stones at the top of the low wall, resting on the arch, are the words "LAUS DEO". Under the arch there is a square-headed doorway. On the head is the inscription "NON NOBIS DOMINE S.C. SED NOMINITVO NON NOBIS 1635 DA GLORIAM" (not to us, O Lord, but to thy name; not to us, give glory). The letters S.C. are the initials of Stephen Coulsin, who lived in the Hall in 1635. This door leads into a small yard, on the left of which is another doorway, now built up. The door head bears the inscription "OMNIA BONA DOMIN". LISTED GRADE 2*




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