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Tyne and Wear HER(2695): Fulwell, Newcastle Rd, Sir Hedworth Williamson Lime Kilns - Details

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Fulwell, Newcastle Rd, Sir Hedworth Williamson Lime Kilns





Lime Kiln

Early Modern



Generally well-preserved, multi-phased, battery of lime kilns of random, roughly-dressed magnesium limestone masonry, which operated for about 200 years until closure in 1957. The kilns, which were formerly linked by three waggonways to the River Wear, burnt magnesium limestone brought from the now-landfilled 140 acre Fulwell quarry (HER ref. 2691) via a wagonway (HER ref. 2692). The north and south ends of the range are visible, with the central area currently occupied by a garage. The north end consists of a series of four openings of different dimensions. Two openings have round-headed corbelled brickwork arches and have been blocked with firebricks except for a later inserted doorway. The other two have square iron girder lintelled roofs. Drawing eyes are obscured by debris. The south end has four round-headed brickwork drawing arches and shows much evidence of remodelling. Further draw arches are believed to lie in the central area. Three oval pots are now infilled and grassed over. Grouped with the adjacent Fulwell Windmill, the site has considerable local iconic value and historic importance. The site of an additional kiln at NZ 391 599 is now beneath recent housing development. LISTED GRADE 2




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