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Fulwell Windmill



Fulwell, Fulwell Windmill




Wind Power Site


Early Modern



This is the most complete windmill in the region. Built in 1821 on the site of a previous mill, it remained in use until 1949 although it had lost its sails long before then. A gas engine installed c.1900 powered the stones until closure. The base of the mill is cylindrical, the large diameter set into sloping ground. The base occupies two floors and supports a tapering 4-storey tower of smaller diameter so that the base also forms a reefing stage. The base and tower, both of attractively weathered magnesian limestone are a special possibly unique feature being an extension of the podium design at Cleadon. Internally the first floor contains a dressing machine and a small alcove office with fireplace. The second floor houses the underdrives to two pairs of millstones with 3 ball governor operating on both pairs of stones together with a free standing belt driven pearl barley machine. The third floor has 2 pairs of millstones, the fourth is empty and fifth gives access to the cap. The cap is hemispherical; its framing supports an iron windshaft with wooden brake wheel, iron cross-end and 4 sails. Some external restoration was undertaken by Sunderland Corporation in the 1950s and since the early 1980s Tyne and Wear Industrial Monuments Trust has stabilised the structure, reintroduced the floor levels and staircasing, reopened some blocked openings, installed new doors and windows, renewed the timber sail framework and reconstructed a non-operational fantail. LISTED GRADE 2




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