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Tyne Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne


Gateshead and Newcastle

Tyne Bridge (medieval)







Documentary Evidence

The medieval Tyne Bridge lay on the line of the Swing Bridge, upon or close to the remains of the Roman bridge, and is probably late 12th century in origin. It is said to have been 560 feet, or 12 arches, long, of which 3 were cellars by the 18th century. At the south end was a tower with portcullis and drawbridge, in the centre a tower with portcullis, and at the north end the magazine and a 17th century gatetower. Houses were also built on the bridge, though just when is uncertain. The Blue Stone marked the boundary on the bridge between Newcastle and the Palatinate of Durham. The bridge was demolished after being damaged in the flood of 1771. One complete land arch survives under the Swing Bridge and the east face of a second may exist in the basement of Watergate Buildings. The surviving arch is described as 44 feet wide with a span of 21 feet. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND LISTED GRADE 1




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