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Cross Row, Lemington



Lemington Glass Works




Glassmaking Site

Glass Works

Post Medieval



The glassworks site was leased from the Duke of Northumberland by a group of local businessmen under the name of the Northumberland Glass Company in 1787. Initially flat glass was produced from 4 large glass cones. This company owned the glassworks until 1837 when three of the glass houses were demolished, leaving the huge cone which is still in existence. From 1833 to 1845 the works were operated by Joseph Lamb and Company but after this date there seems to have been a depression in the glass trade for many years and full scale operations were not carried out until about 1898 when the famous glassmaking firm of George Sowerby and Sons took over and trade picked up, with the result that by 1906 the works were again a prosperous concern. In 1906 the site was purchased from the Duke of Northumberland by GEC, who expanded the works and fitted it out for production of light bulbs and tubes. The remaining cone, which stands 120 feet high is one of only four such survivals in the country. It was cleaned and repointed in 1993. Local legend has it that the cone was made from 1 million bricks. LISTED GRADE 2*




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