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Newcastle, Claremont Road, Chimney Mill




Wind Power Site


Post Medieval


Extant Building

This was the site of a windmill before 1649, with the last mill being built here in 1782. This last mill was the first five-sailed windmill in the country, a smock mill designed by Smeaton, and may have been the last working windmill in Newcastle. It fell out of use in 1872. Prior to this the mill had been part of a complex which contained other activities, including a snuff mill. Following its closure it was utilised by Newcastle Golf Club as a clubhouse. The surviving window arrangements were installed at this time along with a new front to the building. The sails were dismantled in the 1920s, the fan tail removed in the 1930s and the windshaft and cap removed in 1951. It remained in use as a clubhouse until the early 1970s when it became an architect's office, at which time the covering of the tower was replaced with a modern "shiplap" boarding and a temporary flat cap was erected. At some point during the life of the golf club, asbestos tiling was laid over this earlier covering. The building is the only surviving smock mill in Tyne and Wear and possibly the northern region. Within the building there survives sections of the main timbers of the shell, parts of the ancillary timber work and importantly the interior roller mechanisms on which the cap turned. LISTED GRADE 2




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