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Tyne and Wear HER(4557): North Shields, Old Low Light - Details

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N Tyneside

North Shields, Old Low Light

North Shields



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Post Medieval


Extant Building

The Old Low Light was built in 1727, raised in 1775. It burnt three candles instead of two. It was given copper reflectors in 1736, and oil lamps were substituted for candles in 1773. It was converted into almshouses in 1830, when the building of the New Low Light (HER 2057) rendered the Old Low Light redundant. The lantern turret of the low light was removed to make way for an additional storey and the building has now no resemblance to a lighthouse {2}. Brick of varying bonds with quoins at right. Ground floor rendered. Painted sandstone ashlar, right return, sandstone rubble lower courses on left return. Welsh slate roof. 3 storeys. Ground floor - flat arches to windows. Elliptical brick arches to windows on upper floors. Some windows bricked up, some with sashes burnt or removed. Inserted double loading doors in first floor. 3 commemorative panels, one dated 1775. Sundial on second floor. Hipped roof without chimneys. Boundary stone attached to left return - sandstone block inscribed WD/BS/No7 about 12cm above gound.




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