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Elswick, Houston Street, Barber-Surgeons Hall




Meeting Hall


Early Modern


Extant Building

When the Barber-Surgeons Hall at Manors (HER ref. 498) was demolished in 1851 for the building of the railway, the railway company made amends by building a new hall at the top of Victoria Street, Westmorland Road, where it still stands. The building is by John Dobson, built in sandstone ashlar with long horizontal quoins, with three central bays recessed and arcaded. DE PRESCENTIA DEI is inscribed around central window head. The façade of the building is Palladian in style. In 1862 the building was bought from the Barber-Surgeons and conveyed to St Paul's Church for use as a school. In 1863 it became St. Paul's Church of England School. In 1934 brick classrooms were built around the hall. The hall still survives, but is in rather poor condition. LISTED GRADE 2




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