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Leazes Park, Newcastle upon Tyne



Newcastle, Leazes Park



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Public Park

Early Modern



Leazes Park is located on the northern limits of Newcastle city centre and provides a contrast with the wide open space of the Town Moor close by. Organising the first purpose built municipal park in the city was a taxing task for the councillors. In 1863 the architect and cartographer Thomas Oliver drew up plans for a formal park which included land across to Brandling village. The suggestions were not acceptable to the committee and John Hancock, brother of the naturalist Albany Hancock, was then commissioned to produce plans in 1871. Hancock's plan was inspired by 18th century landscape park design, disregarding requirements for recreational facilities which was a huge priority at the time. John Laing, who worked previously for Lord Armstrong as a steward, was asked to submit a design for the Castle Leazes, eventually the only area which was developed into a park. Having won the commission he made provision for skating, bowls and croquet. The existing boat lake, built in 1872 is the centrepiece of the design. A path leading from the west lodge approaches a stone terrace from which views across the park are framed by a stone balustrade. REGISTERED HISTORIC PARK.




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