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Crawcrook Mill




Water Power Production Site




Documentary Evidence

The first reference to a mill in Crawcrook is in Boldon Buke, c. 1183 (a survey of land belonging to the Bishop of Durham, Hugh du Puiset). There is a reference in the 13th century to a mill and millstream, in 1320 to "a capital messuage, water mill and land in Bradley", and in 1390 to a water mill in the vill of Crawcrook. This might imply two mills even in the Middle Ages, Crawcrook and Bradley (see HER no. 526), but it is impossible to be sure. In 1800 the enclosure award lists a "water corn mill called Crawcrook East Mill", and the 1st edition Ordnance Survey plan shows Crawcrook Mill (corn) on the north side of the East Field, with a mill dam apparently fed from Eadington Well. It has disappeared under Clara Vale.




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