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Charlotte Square, Newcastle upon Tyne



Newcastle, Charlotte Square, garden



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Post Medieval



Charlotte Square, built by William Newton in 1770, was the first housing development associated with a garden square in Newcastle. It was built to provide accomodation for the 'respectable' members of society. The square was presumably named after Charlotte, the Queen and wife of George III. William Newton had been granted a lease by the Council in 1769 to build houses on the western side of Ratton Row, on Benny Chesses Close (a garden) and part of the yard of the Tanner's Company. Trees appear to have been planted around the edge of the square. The Ordnance Survey first edition map shows a layout of four paths around the edge of a rectangular garden, with two curved flowerbeds at the western corners. A plan of 1866 shows four flowerbeds. The second edition Ordnance Survey shows shrubs across the whole site. Cross Street had been widened by 1879 due to the introduction of a tram system. The Charlotte Square garden was therefore reduced in size, probably replanted and had new railings installed. The present railings around the garden look mostly 19th century in date. The dwarf walls into which the railings are set probably date to the time when the garden was replanted. The east side of the garden was further interrupted by the construction of what is now Caxton House. An electricity substation was built in 1942. There have been toilets in the garden since 1859. No engravings or paintings of Charlotte Square have been found. William Newton's plan has not been located. The earliest description appears to be by Brand in 1789.




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