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Tyne and Wear HER(7099): Cullercoats, Dove Hall or Sparrow Hall - Details

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N Tyneside

Cullercoats, Dove Hall or Sparrow Hall





Country House

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

In 1682 the Dove family built a large Jacobean house which became locally known as "Sparrow Hall" because the locals thought the dove on the coat of arms on the east gable was a sparrow hawk. The initials of Thomas and Elizabeth Dove were carved next to the figure of the dove. The hall stood in its own grounds near to the cliffs overlooking the sea. It had latticed and mullioned windows, was three storeys high with a central projecting gable and pantile roof. The Doves were coal-owners in the area. Thomas Dove built the house, and sold it to a relative Zepheniah Haddock in 1706. It was demolished in 1979.




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