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N Tyneside

Dudley, Market Street, war memorial




Commemorative Monument

War Memorial




Stands in the front garden of the doctor's surgery. Unveiled on 15th September 1923 by John Morrison of Cramlington Coal Co. Marble statue of a woman, 3m high, in a long dress and cloak with bare feet. One hand is on an anchor. Sandstone pedestal on a stepped base. The statue has been moved so that it did not block the entrance to the new surgery. It was originally on a two-tier sandstone platform. The figure might be St. Barbara, patron saint of miners {Jack Grieves, NEWMP}. English Heritage say it is likely to represent Hope. "THIS WAR MEMORIAL AND HOSPITAL ARE ERECTED IN HONOURED MEMORY OF OUR MEN WHO FELL IN THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918 {58 names} and 1939-1945" {20 names}. LISTED GRADE 2




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